What is Solyard?

Solyard Finance is the new leveraged yield farming on Solana. It helps user earn safe and stable yields, and offers user undercollateralized loans for leveraged yield farming positions, vastly multiplying their farming principals and resulting profits.‌

As an enabler for the entire DeFi ecosystem, Solyard amplifies the liquidity layer of integrated exchanges, improving their capital efficiency by connecting LP borrowers and lenders. It's through this empowering function that Solyard has become a fundamental building block within DeFi, helping bring the power of finance to each and every person's.

SolYard provides yield enhancement strategies for your Solana crypto assets. Community comes first, and our YARD holders can participate governance by creating or approving proposals.

Yield Optimization Strategies with SolYard

We auto compound Solana SPL Crypto Assets, enhancing your yields in underlying vaults and liquidity pools in Raydium or Serum AMMs. We choose the best pool for every crypto asset, and enhance the yields using our smart contracts and auto compounding. Users do not need much DeFi knowledge, relying on us to optimize their yields for passive income.

SolYard relies a lot on Raydium Dex, deploying your assets into their liquidity pools, as Raydium is the largest AMM & Dex on Solana now. We are striving to create new strategies and add new vaults, so stay tuned for that. We will definitely support more AMM and Dex platforms.

What is the reason for the launch of Solyard?

Solyard will create a platform that can automatically compound interest investment. Regardless of the size of the user's capital, they can participate in the efficient financial benefits brought by automated compound interest. Solyard 's goal is to expand the DeFi ecosystem in solana, provide our user with various automatic compound interest strategies, and reduce user capital risks while maximizing returns.

How does Solyard Farm work?

Currently, most of Solyard 's farms are located in raydium. Essentially, Solyard Farm has obtained personal permission through smart contracts, which can perform automatic compound interest operations on behalf of individuals. Solyard is a DeFi product that provides loan aggregation on solana and automatically produces profits. Solyard adopts an open community operation model, Solyard holders can participate in any proposal and governance of the platform.


Solyard ecosystem is governed by YARD holders to vote and determine all proposals. If the proposal passes a quorum (30% of YARD’s circulation) and wins more support, it can be executed through smart contracts. In order to ensure the security of platform users’ assets, mean while , Solyard implements the changes to the contract through a time-locked contract. After the new contract is submitted, it will not take any effect until 24 hours later.

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