For services such as asset synthesis, Solyard will establish partnerships with developers in the Solana ecosystem in the next few months to expand more ecological application scenarios for YARD tokens. The detailed route map is as follows:


The Auto-compounding pool V0.9.0 test version is online: The function of the V1 version is realized, and the product function test is completed on the solana test network.

Stake pool V0.9.0 test version is online: LP mining function is open, and raydium testnet is online.

Testnet user community construction: Group on a test user community, and conduct open testing of platform functions.


Auto-farm Pool and pledge pool V1.0 version is online: solana mainnet is online, opening mining and LP pledge mining functions.

Expand partners: Expand more DEX corporation and lending platform partners.


The aggregated lending platform V0.9.0 version will launch: The development of aggregated lending product functions was completed, and the testnet was launched for testing.

The leveraged mining function will online: The leveraged mining function has been developed and launched, and users can use leveraged loans to mine on the platform.

The single pledge matching LP mining function will launch: Users pledge a single currency, and the system automatically matches the combination to LP for reinvestment mining.

Auto-farm and pledge pool V2 versions will online: Provide users with a better income earning platform and loan program.

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