Core Product

Auto-Compounding platform

Solyard aggregates the mining platform, and efficiently manages the user's SPL tokens, so that the user's SPL tokens will automatically generate profits for 7*24 hours of uninterrupted users without being on duty.

Solyard’s intelligent strategy for automatic compound interest eliminates the need for users to learn complex DEFI products. Solyard will look for the best platform for automatic compound interest among the many Defi products in the solana ecosystem, and adopt a smart contract automated compound interest model to provide users with stable and stable assets. Efficient financial management platform.

Aggregate lending system (Beta verison releasing soon)

The Solyard aggregate lending platform is different from the traditional lending platform. The system aggregates multiple lending platforms such as Solend solana ecosystem. It uses smart contracts to make the best choice, providing users with the best lending plan, allowing users to one-stop choose the best lending plan without comparing on multiple platforms. At the same time, the core innovation of Solyard's aggregate lending platform is the efficient use of user assets in the platform.

In the lending platform and aggregated mining products, the system will automatically generate a voucher token when lending or mortgage mining, and the voucher is the only voucher for the user’s asset loan and mortgage. In the Solyard aggregated lending platform, it will support With the loan function of mortgage voucher, users can use the mortgage voucher Token to perform asset remembering lending services, which maximizes the utilization rate of users' assets.

Leveraged Yield Farming

Leverage results from using borrowed capital to expand your asset base and the potential returns on that asset base. In other words, you borrow funds so you can invest more, and as a result--earn more.

In the context of yield farming, leverage involves borrowing assets to multiply your yield farming position, resulting in you accruing larger yields. This is a general profit maximization strategy.

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